Chiffon Ruffle Beading V Neck Court Empire Bridal Gown Wedding Dress
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  • Silhouette: Empire
  • Embellishment: Beading & Ruffle
  • Neckline: V Neck
  • Train: Court
  • Back: Zipper
  • Shown Color: White
  • Material: Chiffon



  • Unique design can make you so beautiful and become the focus
  • Feature with unique design, this empire wedding dress can create an eye-catching to you
  • V Neck neckline design can make you more elegant
  • Made of high quality material, soft for touching and comfortable enough for wearing
  • You will definitely be the most charming and elegant one on your wedding ceremony
  • You can wear a remarkable visual effect with this chiffon wedding dress
  • Try to put on this V neck wedding dress, you won't believe your eyes because of its amazing visual effect created by it
  • This empire wedding dress fits for a summer garden wedding, beach wedding, or yacht wedding  
  • You and your lover will have a romantic wedding with this empire wedding dress
  • You can customize the wedding dress according to your size and preference



  • This best wedding dress gown is popular for its beautiful design and high reliability




  • Show your infinite charm, you will be more beautiful not only from the side but also from the back


  • Please provide detailed measurement information for customization base on 'Buying GuideHow to Measure'
  • Because the display and optical reasons, the fabric colors shown in the picture may be biased with the actual color of goods
  • You can customize the dress's size and back of zipper or lace-up closure according to your size and preference

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How to Tuck up a Wedding Dress:


Protect your wedding dress train by tucking-up the ends of the dress, after the wedding. A bustle is the best method for this, because it leaves the bride's hands free for greeting people and dancing at the reception. Bustling a dress originated the 1800's, when ladies wore heavy gowns that needed to be supported off the floor. The bustle is held up by a series of hooks and eyes that are discreetly hidden in the folds of the material


  • Clean your hands before you touch the white wedding dress. Check that the supplies you will use to create your bustle are also clean
  • Put the wedding dress on the bride and have her stand up straight. Measure the back of the gown, to determine where you will put buttons for the bustle. Lift the gown -- and make a note of where you would like the gown to fall -- once it is bustled up
  • Decide how may folds you will need to get the train to the length that you want: Between one and four folds is ideal. When the dress is bustled up, the hemline should fall even with the front hemline of the dress
  • Place the dress on a clean, flat surface. Wash the surface first to make sure it is clean
  • Place the measuring tape at the top of the train and measure out where the folds will be. Most folds measure between six to ten inches. Mark the spots with dressmaker's chalk. This is where you will place the hooks and eyes that will help hold your train
  • Place three hooks on the top of the train just below the waist. Sew the hooks into place and make sure they are sturdy. This is where the bustle will rest, when it is complete
  • Place the dress on the bride and bustle it up. Hook the eyes onto the hooks, and check to see how the bustle falls. Adjust the bustle, if you do not like it's position
  • Remove the chalk marks that you made, by rubbing lightly on the dress with a cloth

How to Clean a Wedding Dress:

The best possible way to thoroughly clean a wedding dress before storing it is to take the dress to a high-quality, professional cleaner that specializes in wedding attire and evening gowns. However, if the gown is still very clean with only a few small stains, there are ways a person can treat or spot-clean the dress at home


  • Determine which fabric the wedding dress is made of. If the garment is silk, lace or a vintage gown, it's better to have it cleaned by a professional. It the garment fabric and lining is polyester, it can be washed by hand with water
  • Inspect the dress thoroughly to locate any stains, including stains from perspiration, foods, liquids and makeup. If the wedding dress is full-length, the hem will most likely have collected dirt
  • Use a white, dry, absorbent cloth to gently blot the stain after applying an appropriate cleaning fluid, as described in the next step. Before applying any liquid or cleaning agent to a stain, test it on a less visible section of fabric to avoid discoloring the dress
  • Apply hydrogen peroxide for wine, sweat and blood stains. Hydrogen peroxide can bleach fabrics, however, so don't let it sit on the fabric for too long if the dress is any color other than white. For ink stains, apply a light spray of hairspray. For oily stains such as makeup or food, apply a dry cleaning solvent or a mixture of soap and water
  • After blotting up as much of the stain as possible, apply a few drops of white vinegar and blot again. Next, flush the area of fabric with water, blot again and then allow the area to dry
  • To clean a dirty hem, soak the hemline for a few hours in warm water mixed with detergent, being careful to keep the rest of the dress out of the water. With a toothbrush, gently rub the hemline with the sudsy water to loosen all dirt. Flush thoroughly with water
  • Don't hang a wedding dress on a hanger to dry after spot cleaning it. Wet fabric is heavy, and the dress could stretch or rip. Instead, place the dress over a clean drying rack. The rack should be plastic coated or vinyl coated, as splinters from a wooden one could tear the dress or rust from a metal one could stain the dress

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  • 1 x Empire Wedding Dress