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  • Embellishment: Layered
  • Neckline: Strapless
  • Hemline: Knee-Length
  • Back: Zipper
  • Material: Satin & Chiffon

  • Shining layered design to this beautiful bridesmaid dress can make you more beautiful
  • Strapless neckline design unique bridesmaid dress will make you more elegant
  • You will look like a princess for parties and special occasions with this knee length dress
  • With this strapless dress, you will be the most charming lady
  • This soft and comfortable designer bridesmaid dress is perfect for wedding and other important parties
  • The designer bridesmaid dress has an easy fit and good ventilation effect
  • You can customize the designer bridesmaid dress according to your size and preference


  • This designer bridesmaid dress is strapless, knee length, layered & empire waist design, it is stylish and beautiful


  • Show your infinite charm, you will be more beautiful


  • This knee length dress is made of high quality material, soft for touching and comfortable enough for wearing
  • You can see the details of the designer bridesmaid dress from the picture
  • This soft and comfortable bridemaid dress is perfect for wedding and other important parties

  • Please provide detailed measurement information for customization base on 'Buying Guide/How to Measure'
  • Reference size chart base on 'Buying Guide/Size Chart'
  • Because the display and optical reasons, the fabric colors shown in the picture may be biased with the actual color of goods
  • You can customize the dress's size and back of zipper or lace-up closure according to your size and preference





How to Alter a Bridesmaid Dress Yourself:

  • Lots of occasions may arise in which you might require to alter a bridesmaid dress. Perhaps the dress is a bit too long or short. Oftentimes, bridesmaid dresses are purchased well before the wedding date. During the time between the purchase of the bridesmaid dress and the wedding date, the bridesmaid could have either gained or lost weight, meaning that her bridesmaid dress will no longer fit her. In lieu of purchasing a whole new dress, you can just alter the dress you already have. With just a bit of sewing skill, the process to alter a bridesmaid dress yourself isn't that hard
  • Get your bridesmaid to model her dress for you. Use the tape measure to measure how much fabric should be altered, and then use a fabric marker to mark the dress according to the measurements. Pin up any other pieces of fabric that need to be altered to mark those alterations as well
  • Help your bridesmaid carefully remove her dress so that she is not poked with any pins you used to mark alterations, and then lay the dress out on an even surface. Use the seam ripper to remove the seams where the alterations are to be made. Seam rippers will let you cut the thread of the seams without damaging the fabric of the dress
  • Use your markings to decide where to re-sew the seam. Start by ironing the crease of the seam flat
  • Alter the length of fabric needed for the new seam. Refer to your measurements to pin the dress where the new seam will be. Use the tape measure to measure any measurements and to help ensure that the pinned seam is straight and even
  • Use a needle and thread or a sewing machine to sew the new seam. Remove the pins, and iron the seam when you are finished sewing it. Complete the seam by stitching along the length of the seam on the inside of the dress. Trim the edges with pinking sheers, which generate a zigzag pattern that reduces fraying and prevents raveling. You may use a serger machine to finish the seam if you wish

How to Choose Colors for Bridesmaids Dresses:


  • For many brides-to-be, it makes sense to simply choose a color for their bridesmaids dresses, rather than choose a particular dress (although these will likely come from the same designer). While this strategy places the choice of style with the bridesmaids themselves, the brides still usually choose the color
  • Solicit your bridesmaids' opinions. Even though you will have to make the final decision (particularly if there are a lot of bridesmaids), it is a good idea to get at least a general idea from the bridesmaids. Are there colors they absolutely won't wear? It is better to have this information upfront than to suggest a deal-breaking color later on
  • Consider the time of year and type of venue. The colors that make sense for a casual outdoor wedding in May will look ridiculous for a New Year's Eve, black-tie event. You should also consider the room in which you will be taking pictures, as well as your likely color scheme for the reception
  • Find stores/lines/designers with dresses you like in the colors you are considering. You cannot simply tell your bridesmaids to buy a 'blue' dress, as there are an infinite number of shades of blue. Similarly, two dress colors might have the exact same name (emerald blue, for example) but look different if they are made from a different material or by a different designer
  • Try to see the color in person. Discerning color from a computer screen, if you are shopping online, is rather difficult
  • Request material swatches. Even better than seeing the dress is having swatches of the material to take home (this is also important if you can't go to the store or see the designer's work in person). Having the swatches also allows you to show them to other friends, as well as to the bridesmaids, and to see how the colors look in different lights
  • Make your decision. You might solicit the bridesmaids' opinions one more time at this point, or simply decide yourself given the information you have gathered 

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