Popular Cute Shoulder Straps Ribbon Flower Girls Dress
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  • Being white and red, the flower girl dress is suitable to match with many other clothes
  • It is very comfortable for girls to wear the dress
  • Made of terylene and cotton, the flower girl dress is able to offer you the best service
  • Flower over the waist of the flower girl dress offers as a special element to the dress
  • There are different sizes for your choice
  • Naterial: Terylene & Cotton


  • Flower ribbon design makes this flower girl dress more distinctive and pretty

  • This is the back of the flower girl dress and you can see there is a bowknot over the waist

  • Flower ribbon is in red and bring great decoration for the White flower girl dress

  • Back zip closure over the designer flower girls dress makes white girls dress easy to wear

  • Made terylene and cotton, the dress is comfortable for flower girl to wear
  • This lovely flower girls dress will make your girl feel like the most beautiful girl in the wedding

How to Measure: 

  • Have the little angel stand with arms relaxed at her sides in undergarments or fitted clothing
  • Measure SHOULDERS by placing the tape measure across her upper back from shoulder to shoulder. Make sure that the tape measure is laying flat against her back
  • Measure CHEST by wrapping the tape measure straight across the top of the bust and widest part of back to form a completed circle. This is the most important measurement of the dress
  • Measure WAIST by placing the tape measure 1-2 inches above the navel and forming a completed circle
  • Measure HIPS by placing the largest part of hips, which is found approximately 8 inches below the waistline
  • Now compare the measurements to the dress you'd like to buy. When in doubt go with the chest size, which makes the dress most comfortable and the zipper close easily


  • These dimensions are for reference only, specific dimension varies from person to person

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How to Iron a Flower Girl Dress

  • Read the label on the dress, as it will tell you how to best proceed with your task. If the dress is made of cotton or silk, set your dress to the cotton or silk setting. However, if it is made of rayon, polyester, viscose, nylon, acrylic or acetate, set the iron to its lowest setting, so you don't burn the fabric.
  • Check your starch to ensure that it is safe to use on your fabric. If it is, gently mist the top of the layer you are about to iron. Starch helps freshly ironed garments retained their wrinkle-free appearance, making for a longer-lasting press.
  • Lay the gown's skirt on the ironing board and iron the skirt lining. If the flower girl dress is made of more than one layer of fabric, start from the innermost layer and work your way out. This prevents the outer layer from acquiring new wrinkles as you work on the garment. When all the skirt layers are ironed, turn the dress around so that the bodice is closest to the middle of the ironing board.
  • Smooth the bodice across the top of the ironing board and iron the dress from the neckline, working your way down the dress. Always keep the iron moving, as leaving the hot surface in one place for too long can singe the material.
  • Iron the sleeves in small sections, particularly if the sleeves are puffed. Ironing the sleeve material all at the same time will result in an unsightly crease down the middle. Instead, lay the sleeve out on the corner of the ironing board, so that only one layer is available for pressing. Press the sleeve using short, quick strokes, until all the wrinkles are gone.
  • Hang the dress on a thick hanger and reshape the sleeves by pushing wadded plastic bags into the armhole. Keep it hanging for a few hours to help it retain its freshly pressed appearance, as wearing a garment too soon after heating the fibers will make it prone to wrinkling again

Package Included:

  • 1 x Girls Dress